Inspiration: Danny Seo's New Digs

Inspiration: Danny Seo's New Digs

Stephanie Kinnear
Dec 21, 2007

If you are (like us) fans of green style-guru Danny Seo, you'll find this little tid-bit of green news kind of exciting: Seo, who had put his Delaware River bungalow up for sale, has decided to keep his former home and purchase a cool mid-century modern pad.

Now, this doesn't sound all that green on the surface (who needs two homes?) -- but it gets better.

Seo is keeping the bungalow because he intends to use it as a workshop for his new line of environmentally-friendly home products. We admire his sense of play and creative way of reusing the most unlikely items (like Method soap containers!), so we really look forward to seeing what this new line looks like!

Get a sneak peek of the new place, as well as a little more info on Seo's new line of home products here.

Image via Simply Green

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