Inspiration: Decorating with Produce

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We're all familiar with using a big bowl of citrus fruit in our living rooms. A big bowl of oranges, lemons or limes is a familiar sight in decorating magazines. And green apples have become de rigeur in catalogues. Why not try it with other produce?A lot of produce should never be refrigerated. Tomatoes turn mushy if stored in the refrigerator. Instead, line them up along a console to add a spot of color while they ripen. Piled in a bowl, the dark green textured skins of avocados are a refreshing visual change from limes. You'll remember that artichokes are flowers when you see how decorative they can be spilled out on a platter on your coffee table. A solo artichoke on a mail spike is as intriguing as a succulent. Peaches, plums and nectarines are not only beautiful but give off an aroma that will permeate your space with the fresh scent of summer. A few stalks of broccoli, a single stem of brussel sprouts, a bushel of garbanzo beans. Think outside the refrigerator and the kitchen. Just don't forget to eat your decor! Check out our sister site, The Kitchn, for great recipes.

[image via Jackie-Dee's Flickr page, with a Creative Commons License]