Inspiration: Decorating With Your TV

Inspiration: Decorating With Your TV

Feb 6, 2008

TVs can be a pain when trying to decorate and we're fighting with ours at the moment. How exactly does one decorate around a TV? In fact, we'll admit our living room's TV wall looks much like this one.....bare. We'd mount it on the wall, if that were an option, but we're in a early 20th century rental with walls that can barely hold a nail. So, we've been looking for inspiration on how one integrates the television into their decor. Check out what we've found after the jump.

Libraryman created a temporary wallpaper with his Tord Boontje curtain.
Kim's TV takes second stage to her art collection.
Alice tucks her TV into a corner.

What's your favorite solution to the TV dilemma?

Top Image: Matt, Marie and Luke

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