Inspiration: Framed Doilies

We're very fond of incorporating family mementos and keepsakes into children's rooms to give children a sense of connectedness and family history (like the handkerchiefs passed from her grandmother and great grandmother to Ashley, for example). We were struck by how beautiful this collection of antique doilies (also passed down from a grandmother and great grandmother) look framed and hung together.

This bedroom is part of a California home rented by Kristan Cunningham (formerly of HGTV's "Design on a Dime" and design correspondent for the "Rachel Ray Show"). You can see a full home tour in this slideshow at the Los Angeles Times' website.

Although these framed doilies adorn an adult bedroom, we love the idea of them for a child's room and framing also serves to protect and preserve the doilies. What do you think - too fussy for a kids' room?

(Via: The Stamford Wife, photo by Christina House for The Los Angeles Times)

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