Small Space Solutions: Inspiration from 4 Multitasking Living Rooms

One of the challenges of living in a small space is that often, your living room is doing a lot of work: as workspace, lounge space, dining room, and maybe even guest room when the occasion demands. If you need a little inspiration for fitting it all in, look no further than these five apartments, where clever homeowners have managed to squeeze a lot of living into a little space.

The living room of this New York apartment from Homepolish has a small space solution that we love: a wall-mounted console that runs the length of the room and serves as desk and storage. When there are guests, the desk chair doubles as occasional seating. Also of note: the two tiny side tables that can be grouped together as a cofffee table, or move around the room as needed. In small spaces, flexibility is key.

This living room from Design Sponge is quite narrow but still manages to get a lot done. A desk tucks neatly into the corner, and mounting the television on the wall means that the bench underneath is free for books and media (and can pull out for extra seating when needed).

Jessica and Milo's little apartment is only 325 square feet, but they've managed to fit a lot of living into their little space. Their coffee table is actually two tables that come apart as needed, which is useful for dining in the living room. On the opposite wall, an antique school desk makes for a compact workspace, and a console flanked by two chairs provides a home for their record player. The chairs can be moved around the room as needed, so the living room actually seats quite a few people, while maintaining a spacious feel.

The living room of this Paris apartment, from IKEA Family Live via Apartment Therapy, is so packed with solutions it's hard to know where to start. It takes advantage of a sectional sofa, which can be quite a good solution if you need a lot of seating in a tight space. Shelves run behind the sofa on two sides, including the shelf that is home to the television. A desk tucks in neatly on the third side of the couch. You can see the full floor plan of the apartment (and more clever solutions!) here.

(Image credits: Homepolish; Homepolish; Design Sponge; Nancy Mitchell; IKEA Family Live)