There's plenty of great vintage art to be found at fairs and stores, so why stop at just one painting? As these rooms show, collecting a few vintage art pieces to make a unique, relatively inexpensive gallery wall can make a great impression.

Depending on your taste in artwork, you can search out quirky paint-by-numbers or more traditional landscapes. Or you can mix it up and create something completely unique. It's a fun, personal way to decorate anywhere from the smallest entryway to a large living room wall.

• Kirsten Grove's large, diverse collection features everything from portraits to still lifes. Via Simply Grove.
• Longtime followers of SfGirlByBay have followed Rico Suave, Victoria's vintage painting of a man in a suit, to various spots around her home. Here, he's part of a well-balanced gallery wall. Via Decor8.
• Decorator Kevin Corn mimics the clean lines of his entry table with a series of vintage photos. Via Design*Sponge.
Rodellee's Tiny Vintage Studio shows that vintage artwork can balance well with modern, graphic textiles.
• Kelly and Matt's vintage Witco piece looks chic hanging beside their liquor cabinet in their Modern Take on Tiki House Tour.
• Tiffany and Jaan's vintage museum exhibit posters look elegant and simple in their Scandinavian Inspired Flat.
• Vintage artwork cleverly decorates what could have been an awkward corner in Danny and Jeff's Vintage Collection House Tour.
• The home of Wary Meyers founders Lisa and John Meyers features two vintage pieces paired with a colorful collection of pillows.
• A pretty, mellow collection of paintings looks sweet with a hat rack and Dwell bedding in Jordan Ferney's San Francisco bedroom.
• Three large pieces over a series of smaller ones creates a unique gallery wall in Laura & Anna's Small Cool 2010 entry.

Image: 1. Kirsten Grove for Simply Grove 2. Victoria Smith for Decor8 3. Jim McHugh for Design*Sponge 4. Bethany Nauert 5. Beth Bates 6. Laure Joliet 7. Jason Loper 8. Wary Meyers 9. Aubrey Trinnaman for Oh Happy Day! 10. Apartment Therapy