If eyes are the windows to the soul, it could perhaps be said that portraits are the windows to a home's personality — or at the very least a sometimes-indicator of someone's style when it comes to interiors and art. Not everyone loves a portrait in their space, but no one can deny the impact they have on a room.

Whether you choose to have portraits of people you know, portraits of strangers (or those who aren't even real) or a combination of both, there's something simultaneously comforting and unnerving about having faces on display. Portraits aren't married to any one medium, either; many are painted but some are photographed, and some are of materials that run the gamut of paper to pen to pencil and more. Where you choose to place a portrait, once you've decided to incorporate one or a few into your home, is up to your comfort level. Into which room would you like to infuse a little human personality, and which room would you not mind a few eyes following you in?

Top Row:
1. Elizabeth's Colorful and Adventurous House
2. A simple and stunning portrait, photographed by Petra Bindel
3. Maya & Patrick's Picture-Perfect, Lived-In Home
4. Etsy user noraaoyagi's shadow portraits
5. A corner of portraits from That Kind of Woman

Bottom Row:
6. Morgan Satterfield's (of The Brick House) beautiful den
7. Designer nickey kehoe puts some portraits on a gray wall
8. Amy & David Butler's Creative Textile Lab of a Home
9. The Brick House House Tour
10. Do-It-Yourself: Stylized, Blown-Up Family Portraits

Images: 1: Adrienne Breaux; 2: Petra Bindel; 3: Maya & Patrick Laurent; 4: Nora Aoyagi; 5: via That Kind of Woman; 6: Morgan Satterfield; 7: via Vintage Luxe; 8: David Butler; 9: Morgan and Jeremy; 10: Lori Andrews