What does being organized have to do with being green? As we can attest from personal experience...plenty. Getting organized can help you take steps towards a more sustainable life, and we've got a roundup of some of our best tips to get you started...

When you're disorganized you:

  • don't know how many magazines you get, or even which ones. Solution: the next time you receive one in the mail, call the subscriber and cancel it. Read it on Zinio instead.
  • forgot to fill in your check register and bounced a check so not only are you overdrawn but the bank charged you for it. Solution: bank online or go one step further and sign up at Mint and keep your financial life, from investment accounts to the value of your car, in one place.
  • can't remember if you have something, whether it's a certain piece of kitchen equipment, a pair of brown pants or dish soap, so you go out and buy a new one.
  • don't have time to turn everything off before you leave the house; you often leave your computer on. Solution: plug everything into a power strip. You'll cut down on the amount of stuff you have to turn off.

Here are some tips to get you started:

[image from Shawn and Amy's Laurel Canyon Retreat]