Exterior Inspiration: "Illuminated" Madrid Restaurant Facade

Color-blocking or art? Regardless of what you call it, I'm in love with this facade for vegan restaurant Rayen in Madrid. The lantern above the door "illuminates" the front of the space, cutting through tables, paintings and the sidewalk with a welcoming pineapple twist.

Design team Fos, based in Spain, made a play on their name (which means 'light' in Greek, and 'melted' in Catalan) to develop an eye-catching and discussion-worthy storefront for passing prospective customers. Using tape and yellow paint, they created "a visual game between perspective and colored volumes" (Fos). Regardless of your opinion on the work, you have to admit that it is definitely a conversation starter! What do you think — love it or hate it?

See more photos and video at Fos.

(Image credits: Fos)