042809outdoor-03.jpgWe were at our favorite new restaurant (Gjelina) last week and spotted a decor choice we really liked--indoor lighting outdoors. Our table was right next to a floor lamp that was nestled between landscaped bushes. We immediately dug through the Apartment Therapy archives searching for examples (two from ATLA's own back yard).

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
This tiny table lamp is from Sara Lov's house tour which is close to our own neighborhood. We really like the surprising quality of having an indoor lamp placed outdoors. Likewise at Gjelina, the floor lamps in the outdoor setting seemed to give off a whimsical a la Alice in Wonderland vibe.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Fellow AT editor, Rebecca, also incorporates indoor lighting outdoors. We like how she takes it a step further and mixes in a rug and artwork on the wall for a cozy feel.

How have you integrated indoor lighting outdoors? Did you use a table lamp or floor lamp like our LA friends? How could you see this working in your backyard?

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