(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Earlier today, Grace shared a project she's planning on tackling over at her friend Evan's live/work loft. Oh do we get it. Right around now, our own home is an explosion of stuff (that always happens to us after the holidays when life gets too crazy to clean). As much as we'd like to have less, sometimes the concept of figuring out what to toss is just crazy overwhelming. Stumbling across Lisa Congdon's collection a day project, in which she proposes to photograph one of her collections a day for the entire span of 2010 (and to draw or paint those which she doesn't own but only imagines), gave us an idea to look at our stuff in a different way.

We are inspired to put all of our like stuff together. We'll start with the clothing closets and bureaus. That means all the pants hung together, all the shirts hung together, all the short sleeved t-shirts in one drawer, the long sleeved ones in another. We started this project a few nights ago and even after a half hour of rearranging, our crammed-with-too-many-clothes closet started to look less chaotic. Seeing everything together we now see that uhmmm...we own 10 black sweaters which are kinda...sorta...OK EXACTLY alike and that thought that we had that we needed a black sweater...uh...bye bye. Same with the jeans. And in the pantry? We could've avoided buying yet another tin of cocoa (we already had three) if we'd started this project a few days earlier. A side effect of this? It's inspired us to see the beauty in even our smallest and oddest non-collections; those fortunes from cookies that we've been saving since we were a kid (don't ask) have made their way into a frame. We also discovered, happily, that we hadn't, after all, lost one of our favorite earrings. Oh and, taking a cue from Lisa, we're photographing some of our collections (though in our case it's before we outbox them). To follow along with Lisa's project, click here