Inspiration: Minimalist Rooms from the Tott Hotel

Designed by Swedish firm Input Interiör, the Tott Hotel Visby includes a variety of rooms, from tiny studio apartments to full bungalows. Minimalist style ties all of these spaces together. Whether small or large, the interiors seem light and airy thanks to huge windows, sheer curtains, and a simple color palette...

1 This three-room suite is arranged like a loft, with an open floor plan.
2 An apartment combines living, dining, and kitchen areas in one space.
3 Graphic throw pillows add pattern to a neutral scheme.
4 This little bungalow doubles its usable space with an outdoor dining and living area.
5 The pool is simple and austere, with wooden decking and modern chaises.

For more information, visit the Tott Hotel's site and Input Interiör.

Photos: Tott Hotel