Inspiration: Organization Systems from Usona

Inspiration: Organization Systems from Usona

Sarah Coffey
May 22, 2008

Planning a new closet or storage system? Usona Home has a great series of closet pictures with intelligent layouts that provide room for hanging storage, drawers, and even movable units. Their high-end storage systems aren't within everyone's reach, but with a little planning and some lower-priced substitutions, a similar look could be achieved...

Top: Shelves, hanging rods, and drawer units on casters create all the storage you need.

A floating drawer system is balanced by shelves above and below.

A row of wardrobes creates a series of bold vertical lines across the room.

An open, freestanding wardrobe organizes the home like a retail showcase.

A series of sliding doors hides layers of storage.

For more organization inspiration from Usona Home in Philidelphia, click here.

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