Inspiration Roundup: Open Display Towel Storage

When it comes to organization, a pretty display is my number one motivator. Sad but true, if the item in question is not something I see everyday— if it's tucked away in a closet or shoved in a drawer —it's bound to be in disarray. Hence the sorry state of my linen closet. Happily, there are some easy and attractive alternatives to towel chaos...• Rolling towels keeps them neat and accessible. While simply stacking the rolls on a shelf does the trick, I love the idea of putting them in an urn —yet another attractive purpose for the classic piece— or lining them in a window box attached to the bathroom wall. • Re-purpose a wine rack. Sadly, we rarely have enough wine on hand to fill our rack, so it would certainly be put to better use as a towel holder. • In his book, The New Traditional, Darryl Carter suggests only using white towels for a clean uniform look that doesn't take up a lot of visual space. I love the contrast of the soft white towels against the masculine dark cabinet. • The 2000s have ensured that everyone be aware of the many lives of an old ladder. Whether for storing extras towel or in place of a towel rack, rustic ladders and plush towels make a wonderful pair. • Like the urn, old wine crates make beautiful storage displays for just about anything, towels and toilet paper included.

(Images: 1: via Gomestic, 2: via the Lettered Cottage , 3, 4: Better Homes & Gardens, 5: The New Traditionall by Darryl Carter, 6, 7: Real Simple)