Having legible house numbers is important. (Not only to do many cities require it, but how are your friends supposed to find your fabulous parties without it??) That said, there's a difference between legible and lust-worthy...

Below, are 10 ideas for making your own enviable address markers. Have you done a project like this yourself? What method did you use?

1st Row:
1. Front & Center: A house number and landscaping project all in one, cement board is used to build an eye-catching new home for custom-fabricated numbers. (For a more reasonably-priced alternative, try making your own numbers. See #3.)
2. Thread Lightly: Buckets of nails and heavy-duty thread lend a crafty yet modern look to the traditional plaque of numbers.
3. Make-Your-Own Mid Century: A more affordable alternative to the coveted Neutra numbers sold at Design Within Reach, this design uses MDF and exterior-grade metallic paint to great effect. (Not a MCM fan? This project could easily be adapted using your own favorite font.)
4. Nailed It: A more rustic version than #2 — dark nails are clustered tightly together to create a simple and effective address ornament.
5. Tile Time: Contrasting colors turn handcrafted into cool in this project — using tile, stencils and paint.

2nd Row:
6. Moss Graffiti: Take green-genuity to the next level and grow your own house numbers!
7. All Boxed Up : This temporary, party-friendly solution uses gift boxes, vellum and battery-operated lights to ensure that your guests easily find their way to the festivities.
8. Go-To Garden: Combine your love for green with your desire to be seen in this project, which uses the humble pot as a home for your house numbers.
9. Clean & Clear: A contemporary take on address visibility featuring inexpensive store-bought numbers and a piece of translucent Lexan.
10. Jack-o'-Light: Another temporary idea, this design takes advantage of nature's harvest by using pumpkins and tealights to create a seasonal address illuminator.

(Images: 1. Atomic Indy, 2.Our Humble A{Bowe}d, 3.Curbly, 4.papernstitch, 5.homelife, 6. Anna Garforth , 7.Martha Stewart, 8.homedit, 9.Instructables, 10.Sunset )