Inspiration: Rustic, Romantic Interiors from J. Crew

Ever since we posted Kat & Jon's thrifty, vintage space, we've been searching for more of these romantically hodgepodged environments. Then lo and behold, the new J. Crew catalog arrives bursting with small-scale interior spaces full of rustic imperfections, muted color stories, and lovely vintage furniture...

J. Crew's styling department is channelling a serious romance vibe lately and we are loving the result. That vintage pink sofa, along with other pale colors, contrasts so well with the dark, New England-like cottage. The overall effect is a delightfully disorienting amalgamation of styles: cafe curtains above worn Oriental rugs, a cracked armchair surrounded by leather-bound books, a Dutch door view into a room full of roses, and don't even get us started on that pink typewriter...swoon. Its like a modern-day Jane Austin novel. Is that you, Mr. Darcy?

How romantic — we'll define this as soft, supple, effortless — is your space? Better yet, how do you define romance in your space? We're inspired to pick up some pale pink roses on our way home and make a few stacks of hard-cover books on the floor.