Dreamy Inspiration: Sleeping Under The Stars

Now that Seattle has finally shown its true summer, better late than never, I for one am having a hard time staying indoors for any amount of time.

As the sun sets and the air chills I eventually head back inside to dream of the outdoor bedroom I wish I had where I can gaze up at the stars and feel the cool breezes as I fade off to sleep. Wow, can you tell I am in a serious daydream moment right now.

Here are ideas for a few inspiring and romantic, temporary outdoor bedrooms that I would just love to re-create. Maybe this will fuel some fire for me to make it happen one night this summer. If so I'll be sure to report back!

• This quick bohemian tent seems pretty doable. All you need is a few ropes, tent stakes, sheets and clips, blankets, pillows and some lanterns or candles encased in glass. via pintrest.
• This looks a bit trickier, but with the right construction this could be a great idea and even work great as an alternative to a beach umbrella. Just so long as the wind doesn't knock it down. via pintrest.
• Now this is pretty easy to do. Just get an air mattress, your pillows and comforter and you're ready to go. via sunsurfer.
• This is definitely the most time consuming of them all so I think I would need to use this for a good week to make it worthwhile. Although it seems a bit daunting I love figuring out construction problems so it looks like a good time to me. via emmas blog.

Images: As linked above.

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