Inspiration: Theme Bathroom

Inspiration: Theme Bathroom

Beth Zeigler
Sep 18, 2008

091808lucas-02.jpgWhen we hear the phrase "theme room" we automatically think of a child's bedroom. Fun for kids but not transferable for our grown-up apartment. So when we were in the bathroom of our local Echo Park salon and noticed it's simple "house theme", we thought "Wow--this is totally feasible for any adult space." More views after the jump.

We think a theme look works best in a small space. It's easier to "reel it in" because you're less likely to go overboard with decorative theme items. The salon chose two very effective "house representations": the wallpaper and a pair of photographs. Pulling the look together they use black paint which tends to draw your eye up to the wallpaper as well as to the checkered tile floor. We love this look and think they pulled off a difficult design challenge in going for a theme. For more tips you can check out this short article called How Can I Create a Tasteful Theme Room?

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