Toni's living room popped off the page with its rich hues and classic photo arrangement. Instead of letting the window disrupt her decor, Toni uses it as a center piece to open up the wall and add symmetry to her artwork...

We also admire the clean lines of the couch positioned next to a vintage, floral chair. It's a great mixture of colors with the neutral toned couch balancing out the seating area. A footstool adds a bit of charm to the space and a zebra print rug ties it all together. While the adjoining space is open, it gives the appearance of a separate room with it's textured brick walls. A bookcase and rug add to the coziness of the area, where Toni creates a multi-functioning dining room. In the bedroom, we found a relaxing zone to retreat--complete with green walls and a fireplace decorated with twinkling lights. Our favorite element in the bedroom (besides the color combo of green and red) is the mirror placed against the wall. It's shape and location makes for an interesting and inspiring design element.

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(Images: La Vie Toni)