Inspiration: Upcycled DIY Headboards

Inspiration: Upcycled DIY Headboards

Cambria Bold
Sep 9, 2009

We don't have a headboard at present, but we have flirted with the idea of going the DIY route — and these upcycled headboards have given us plenty of ideas to ponder...

Here are some pretty nifty items you can upcycle to make a very cool and creative headboard:

  1. Pieces of patchwork
  2. A 1966 Wall Hanging
  3. Miscellaneous moldings and shelves brought into a grouping
  4. Old books!
  5. A large chalkboard
  6. Window shutters
  7. Vintage signage letters
  8. An upholstered bench cushion
  9. Colorful fabric panels
  10. A salvaged door

Do you have any DIY headboard ideas?

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