Inspired By Birch: 9 Modern Designs from Etsy

With the summer sun blazing, we'll admit this isn't the typical time to be dreaming of slender white birch trees. But perhaps that is exactly why we're smitten with these examples of handmade, birch-inspired decor. Borrowing from the colors and patterns of graceful birches, they'd bring a lovely, serene quality to the home – in any season!

1 Koivu Raku Birch Vase, $225 from Maari
2 Large Tree Stencil Beautiful Birches, $99.95 from CuttingEdgeStencils
3 Koivu Raku Birch Eggs (10), $170 from Maari
4 Birches In a Row Handpainted Pillow, $36 from shanon1972
5 Organic Hand Screenprinted Birch Forest Fabric By Australian Designer Lara Cameron (1 meter), $70 from FreshFabricAustralia

6 Always Fall Ceramic Cup, $21 from grapepear
7 Modern Minimal Forest Print, $14 from PrissDesigns
8 Silver Birch Trees Throw Pillow Covers (2), $30 from VeeDubz
9 Birch Tree Clock, $45 from Urbanposture

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