Inspiring Loveseat Upholstery Project

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Each successful diy upholstery project we see chips away little by little at our fear of trying it ourselves. Becki triumphantly tackled the makeover of this old, dated loveseat in her bedroom which has a pull-out bed where her son sleeps during frightening Midwest storms. (She didn't mention if she sings him "My Favorite Things" like Maria von Trapp, but we like to imagine she does.)

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As you can see, the original sofa looks like it belongs on the set of That 70's Show although Becki says it is much older than that. She wrote about recovering it on her blog Infarrantly Creative and shows plenty of photos of the process. We love that her description acknowledges that upholstery can be scary and sometimes tricky - but also do-able even for the average Joe or Jane.

Thanks Becki!

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