Instagram Fanatics, Rejoice! Version 2.0 Released!

Just ahead of the release of the much anticipated iPhone 5, one of the most popular iOS apps has gone 2.0. We don't know about you, but our Facebook and Twitter feeds are shotgunned with stylized photo updates via Instagram, and now we'll probably see an overload of more Instagram posts in the coming weeks, with the release of several new filters optimized for live view, tilt-shifting, border options and higher image resolutions...

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Alongside an updated App icon, here are the key upgraded Instagram 2.0 features:

1) MUCH higher Image Resolution: Instagram's previous 612x612 pixel resolution has been increased to a whopping 1936x1936 on the iPhone 4 (1536x1536 on the iPhone3GS). It should be even nicer when partnered with the reputed 8 megapixel, upgraded lens of the iPhone 5.

2) Live Filters and new UI: Instagram batch of filters have been recoded to be up to 200x faster than previous versions, and you can preview these changes in a live mode instead of waiting for the before and after. Ontop of that, the user interface has been streamlined and improved.

3) New Filters: Amaro, Rise, Hudson, and Valencia, all shown up top, are the 4 latest additions to the stable of image altering options. They're also hinting of more coming soon.

4) Tilt-Shift Improved: Now focus and blur to your heart's content and at 100x faster than before, using pinch-pan and rotate to create that miniature world effect everyone loves (or is sick of, depending upon how often you've seen it).

5) 1-Button Rotation: The simplified user interface includes a one click rotation option for horizontally staged photos.

6) Turn On or Off Borders: Now you have the option to include or eliminate filter border detailing.

Supported devices include the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch (3rd & 4th generations) and both version of the iPad. And of course, the iPhone 5 should fare better than all the devices above with all the rumored hardware upgrades in the mix. Just be nice, iOS users, and don't overdo it with the posts please...many of us non-iOS mobile owners' are just a wee bit envious since this app is unavailable on our phones *cough*Android *cough*WP7*cough*!

Download Free via the iTunes App Store.