Install a Pulley Inside the House

Install a Pulley Inside the House

Janie Lee
Feb 7, 2012

Some of the most creative design ideas we've seen probably have come from kids - an indoor slide next to (or lieu of) the stairs or a treehouse built indoors. Here's another you'll want to implement in your own house.

Install a pulley in the void of your staircase. The kids will have such fun sending things up and down between floors to one another. Fun aside, it's a practical way to keep things tidy and organized around the house without having to constantly climb the stairs. Just send boys and books in an attached basket to their appropriate floors to make clean up easier.

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If you're looking for another great way to use pulleys in the house, check this post about ceiling storage.

(Images: 1. Light Blue Grey 2. du cote de chez vous)

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