Instant Bohemian: A Dozen Inspired Ways to Decorate With Wall Hangings

Macrame has been back in vogue for a little while now, but truth be told, I still really don't know what to do with it. So I went in search of creative rooms that use wall hangings in new and inspired ways, and came back with these 12 ideas.

More is more. Above, textiles and hangings give this simple white office corner from Design Sponge tons of interest.

If you have tall ceilings, an equally tall piece can help highlight them, as seen here from SF Girl by Bay. It would be tough to find art with these exact proportions, but a weaving is no problem.

A festive take on the trend is to hang a pair like garlands, as seen here from A Beautiful Mess.

Take a cue from this Homepolish space and work a wall hanging into a gallery wall...

...or make an entire gallery just from wall hangings. This shot from Etsy seller Jujujust works because the weavings all share a similar color palette.

Instead of making your own macrame, consider hanging a small rug from the wall, like here in this space from Wood & Wool Stool.

Here's an entire tent made from macrame, designed for an Ojai wedding reception by Modern Macrame. You can get a similar look by attaching one or more big hangings around your porch or patio.

This DIY tasseled hanging from Honestly WTF looks great and fills the wall in a hard-to-decorate stairway space.

There's a piece hanging from the back of the door in Janice & Jacob's Home of Magical Curiosities.

An intricate macrame design, like this one from Urban Outfitters, can be used as a window curtain...

...and a delicate one works as a room divider, like here on The Wicker House.

Finally, here's a wall hanging in the ACE Hotel Portland, from artist Sally England. Because it's the same width as the bed, it works like a headboard to anchor the bed in the room.

(Image credits: Design Sponge; Leslie Santarina; Rachel Denbow; Homepolish; Jujujust/Etsy; Wood & Wool Stool; Modern Macrame; Ashley Batz; Selena Kirchhoff; Urban Outfitters; The Wicker House; Sally England)