Instant Screw-in Pendant Light by Worth Home Products

Instant Screw-in Pendant Light by Worth Home Products

Feb 4, 2008

Switch it up! A lot of homes have recessed lighting. This can be a good or bad thing depending on your tastes. The people at Worth Home Products have come up with an interesting and easy solution for those that have recessed lights, but would prefer a different look...

Instant Pendant Lighting allows you to install a pendant light fixture without having to rewire. You simplly screw the socket adapter into the existing recessed light like a lightbulb, and then attatch a cover plate. It's also called a "Recessed Light Conversion Kit" and we think it could be a great solution for renters. You can use CFL bulbs and it comes in several styles. They also have a "Cantastic" light kit where you can add your own shade. They're available online at their website, and they have some styles available at Lowes and at Target. Prices go between $25- $60 depending on the style. Check out more at their website. Has anyone use one of these in their homes? We'd love to hear any first hand feedback.

Image from Worth Home Products

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