Instant Wall Decor on Budget: Gift Wrap Perfect for Framing

Instant Wall Decor on Budget: Gift Wrap Perfect for Framing

Angie Cho
Jul 26, 2013

Gift wrap can be so much more than polka dots and stripes. One brand, Cavallini, has patterns so nice you won't want to cut into them! Their papers include vintage iillustrations of cats and desserts, classic alphabet rhymes, and historic images of bicycles and chairs, all interesting (and attractive!) enough to display.

To display these lovely prints, pop them into a frame, glue them onto canvas, or even set them in large embroidery hoops. It's so easy, it's practically not DIY.

Shown above from left to right:
  • For cycling enthusiasts: Cavallini Les Bicyclettes Wrapping Paper$3.95
  • For little ones: Cavallini ABC's Wrapping Paper, $3.95
  • For friends of our furry friends: Cavallini Vintage Cat Wrapping Paper, $3.95
  • For sweet tooths: Cavallini Sweet Treats Wrapping Paper, $3.95
  • For a vintage look: Cavallini La Maison Wrapping Paper, $3.95
While Cavallini is found in many boutiques across the U.S., their major online retailer is Paper Source.

(Images: As credited above.)

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