Interior Inspiration: The Selby

Interior Inspiration: The Selby

Laure Joliet
Aug 18, 2008

LA in its sprawling nature encompasses all kinds of homes: large, small, in the hills, in the valleys, by the beach, expensive, cheap. We cover a lot of them in our House Tours and love any excuse to peak inside people's spaces. Check out these uber hip LA interiors (and no they're not sets for Urban Outfitters):

They're just really hip interiors from regular people documented by The Selby. Our favorite part? The last 2 photos are original: those aren't revival styles or thrift store finds, those homes were decorated in those eras and haven't changed since. Man, everything old is new again!

Krysten Ritter's LA Pad

Matthew Eikelberger's Silverlake Home

Brett Simon's House in Venice

Boppy's LA Abode

Renee's Place in Santa Monica

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