International #10: Marcus & Mel's Charming Flat

Name: Mel & Marcus
Location: Helsingborg, Sweden
Size: 67m2 @ 715 sf
Rent/Own: Own

What is the advantage of SMALL? We moved in 7 months ago from a big house and it has been a dream in so many ways. Everything has a smaller price tag. Instead of spending weekends doing yard work we can be out enjoying our city...

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What is the advantage of SMALL? CONT'D

Cleaning is a snap. But the best part is having a valid excuse to refuse hideous hand me downs from family because "we just don't have the room" ;).

What's your favorite resource for your home?

When we relocated from the US we sold all our possessions (except books and clothes) so we bought a lot of basics at IKEA, but now I avoid it if at all possible. My favorite places to buy are ILVA, small boutiques, 2nd hand stores, and online site blocket (swedish ebay-with out the bidding).

What is your one favorite element in your small, cool home?

The flat is converted attic space so all the windows are inside these cozy little alcoves. They add lots of charm and architectural interest, not to mention we get lots of sunlight (when the sun decides to shine) both morning and night which is vital for your mental health when you live in cold, dark Sweden!

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