International Finalist: Bryan and Stef's Green Loft

International Finalist: Bryan and Stef's Green Loft

May 14, 2008

Name: Bryan and Stef
Location: Vancouver
Size & Type: 817 sq. ft. owned house
Original Entry: Click Here

Who was your favorite entry and why?

There are so many great entries it is hard to choose just one. The colour used in Midwest #4: Kimberly's Happy Niche was just great. East #3: Luca's Surplus of Storage & Light was also very slick. Plenty of other cool small space to draw inspiration from!

What's your next improvement?

Things are always changing! We bought it only 10 months ago and have been customizing it since day one. The next major project is to wallpaper the downstairs washroom with metallic Cole and Son wallpaper with trees on it. Following that we will find a new home for our framed photo collection (currently in storage boxes), and beyond that who knows.