International Finalist: Aad's Compact Dwelling

Name: Aad
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Size & Type: 624 sqft. 1-bdrm
Original Entry: Click Here

Who was your favorite entry and why?

I think of all entries, Nicolas' Mini Loft was my favorite entry this year. Went back to watch the pictures many times, and though at first glance it might look like the bones of the apartment gave it its appeal, I think Nicolas' good taste and restraint did the magic. Many people would manage to ruin it through over-decorating, Nicolas made it shine.

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What's your next improvement?

After already reconstructing most of the kitchen unit, adding a wood top, better tap, building in a gas cooker and a dishwasher, I am really looking forward to integrate a good oven and build an additional kitchen cabinet next to the fridge. Summer holidays are near... :-)