The elements that make up an inviting dining room can be some of the exact ones that make for successful entertaining. Just look to these examples from Canadian House & Home for a little inspiration:

  • Give guests seating options instead of rigid matching chairs. Couples can sit snug on a bench while others can spread out in a cushioned armchair.
  • A tablecloth can soften the room and make it feel more inviting than a bare table.
  • A casual atmosphere can make guest feel comfortable. Try playful pieces, invite the children, and dress the table in something lively and bright.
  • Create interest with scale. Large branches for centerpieces or an oversized lamp above can really up the wow factor.
  • Come together. Even if you're in a small apartment without a designated dining table, bring a bunch of smaller surfaces together so everyone can gather 'round. Borrow pieces from friends and neighbors in advance if you need to.

Images: Canadian House & Home