iO Induction: The Green Way of Charging Your iPhone

Imagine this situation: you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with no batteries for your iPod or iPhone and you need a charge. What are you going to do? Now imagine that you are stuck out there in the middle of the night. Things just keep getting worse! No worries, Swedish industrial designer Peter Thuvander came up with this innovative way of charging your precious iPhone, no matter where you are.

As you can imagine from its name, the iYo is a yoyo-powered induction charger for your iPhone. This concept was created by Thuvander since Sweden is dark six months out of a year, so solar chargers don't really work well. The iYo creates a charge by moving up and down on its string, just like a yo-yo. This is the first yo-yo-based charging system that we've ever seen.

[via DesignBoom, photos by Peter Thuvander]