Ion USB Cassette Deck Helps Save Your Mixtapes

There are plenty of turntables available with USB connections to help convert your analog media into digital formats. But what if you've got audio cassettes mixtapes you'd like to transfer over for posterity (because it surely would not be for audio quality, as cassettes make MP3s sound like DAT masters)...

The Ion USB Cassette Deck looks every bit of our memory of dual tape decks from our childhood. All the regular features of the bygone component is there, complete with tape to tape copying abilities, metal and CrO2 tape selection, and even an LED audio levels display. But instead of just having to press "play" and "record", this deck also allows you to transfer music in MP3 format to your computer using a USB cable and conversion software (EZ Tape Converter by MixMeister or Audacity). The $129 system is both Windows and OS X compatible, so get that shoebox of 90's britpop or 80's hairband mixtapes out to bring into the 21st century.

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