iPhone 5 Slims Down?

iPhone 5 Slims Down?

Mat Sanders
Aug 8, 2011

The iPhone 5 could be getting a slimmer look and a wider screen - Fast Company speculates the smart phone's new look and release dates. In other news, East Villagers protest gentrification at the Guggenheim Design Lab, AOL launches a surprisingly unselfish iPad magazine, and the McQueen exhibit at the Met is finally over!

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Apple Round-Up: iPhone Launch Times, iCloud's Arrival, Netflix Competition | Fast Company
Teters Floral acquires Napa Home & Garden assets | Home Accents Today
AOL iPad Mag "Editions" Missed The Memo About The AOL Way | Fast Company
Waiting Hours to See the McQueen Exhibit, in a Line Not Unlike a Runway | NYTimes
Photos: East Villagers Protest Onslaught Of Gentrification | Gothamist

Image via Fast Company

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