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If your iMac, MacBook Pro, iPod and iPhone sitting on your desk don't already scream "Apple-head!," try this on for size: Make an iPhone dock from the box your iPhone came in for a completely over-Applefied setup...
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Ok, so it's not the sleekest thing ever, but it's way cheaper than buying one. Plus, you could use this technique to make a dock from any box. We'd like to see somebody adapt it to a box covered in nice patterned paper.
I wanted a dock stand for the iphone, but I could not believe Apple want[s] £35 for it.

Seeing as the iphone already comes with a dock plate, it was just a simple matter of [gluing] the dock cable to the plate and mounting it onto a box.

You will have to trim the bottom of the dock plate so the dock connector will sit square on the plate.

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