Stop Dropping Your iPhone, Get the Gaming Grip Case

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As awesome as they are, we don't have a Nintendo DS or any portable gaming device that we carry around with us religiously. And we'd have to think that some, if not most, of the adult world is with us on that. So when we find ourselves stranded alone in a strange place where you'd rather not look at the guy sitting next to you, we find ourselves playing the free trial of Brick Breaker for the umpteenth time. Not such a great distractor. Wouldn't you rather get into some serious gaming without having to lug around a PSP? If you've got an iPhone, consider the Marware Game Grip...

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The Marware's Game Grip for 2nd Gen iPod Touch and iPhone 3G provides an ergonomic grip for long gaming sessions on your iPhone or iPod, turning it into a bona-fide controller. No more slippery iPhone balancing on your knuckles!

Providing a unique cord management system, this silicone and plastic case can be used with headphones or while your iPod is charging or playing music. The iPhone slips into an included silicone case before snapping in to play, so it's like getting two accessories in one.

Free shipping is available right now on this $49.99 case, but only until November 28.

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