PhotoSwap Galleries: The Modern Museum of 2008

PhotoSwap Galleries: The Modern Museum of 2008

Taryn Williford
Sep 25, 2008

A little bit of amusement as we get closer to the weekend. The free PhotoSwap iPhone application lets you trade one picture with a random stranger anywhere in the world. We bet you can imagine the hilarious and NSFW pictures that can result. Well, you don't have to install the application to enjoy the wonders of modern telecommunication. You don't even have to have an iPhone. Info after the jump...

Flickr groups have sprung up dedicated to PhotoSwap shots.

There's the expected assortment of bare asses, breasts, and dude parts in the NSFW gallery. (Not that we were looking or anything, you know... just doing our blogger duties)

More interesting and amusing is the SFW gallery, where you can increase your awareness by looking through the tiny, crappy lens of iPhone users all over the world.

(Wired picked some of their favorites. Check them out here.)

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