iPod Hi Fi in the Test Lab

iPod Hi Fi in the Test Lab

Maxwell Ryan
Dec 7, 2006

Product: iPod Hi Fi
Designer: Apple
Price: $349

Rating: Strong Recommend*

We replaced our entire stereo system. We were minimizing our apartment yet again. We wanted the stereo to be smaller. We got rid of the speakers and the receiver and went looking for a small scale audio solution for our iPod...

We went looking for the Bose SoundDock, but went to the Apple store for an overview of alternatives. There were a lot...

After looking at all the iPod speaker systems and comparing prices we felt there was really no comparison.

We chose the iPod Hi Fi because it was a far richer speaker system, had an audio input jack (to hook up a computer and watch movies), and really didn't cost much more than the much smaller Bose SoundDock. It had substantial heft the others lacked and it was also portable with batteries if we ever desired to up and run for it.

Since then it has been awesome and has totally replaced any need for any other sound system. The sound quality is excellent at low levels and very high levels, the white box (which we didn't like in the pictures) disappears in our room and the remote control allows us to turn it up or down from a distance.

While we didn't expect an Apple branded product to best a Bose, a Sony or a JBL, we have been pleasantly surprised. Apple does it again.

*Our Ratings:
Strong Recommend
Weak Recommend
Don't Recommend

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