Is It A Car Or A Rocking Chair?

As much as we love new shiny, well designed kids toys and furniture, we have a serious soft spot for vintage finds. This toy and car was designed by Hans Brockhage under supervision of Mart Stam in Germany 1950. We can only imagine how many children have used it since then and think it would be a super fun addition to your play room or patio. Care to guess how much it's selling for?

$736 - although it seems outlandishly high and out of anyone's budget (especially those with kids), it's still an inspirational piece that makes you take a look at how simple it can be to fill your home with items that pull double duty. Although this piece is large in nature, a rocker and play car would take up more space than the one, combined unit.

You can purchase this rocker at Mid-Mod Design, but make sure to keep your eyes peeled this summer at auctions and garage sales for crazy finds pulled from the basements and attics of your neighbors, you never know what you'll find!

(Image: Mid-Mod Design)

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