(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Are you one of those people who KNOWS when something is out of line or askew? It might be a piece of art, or a rug, but it just seems off. Like deep down in your guts off. Perhaps this has spawned fierce debates between you and your roommate or partner. Or maybe it's the kind of thing that still bothers you long after you leave a room. But — is it possible you could have been WRONG? (Insert sharp intake of air here.) Take this quiz to figure out once and for all how your 'eyeballing' skills measure up.

The folks over at Woodgears devised a game to see just how accurate your eyes. If you're interesting in seeing where you stack up, head on over to the eyeballing quiz, and let us know how you do. Oh, and it's timed, so speed is a factor.

Warning: If you liked the color acuity test, then this is equal validation or repudiation of your value as a visual human being. I think you'll wind up taking it more than once.

Once again, here's the link: Eyeballing Accuracy Quiz

(Image: Giovan & Chole's Urban Vintage Loft/Apartment Therapy)