Is it OK to Post Home Pics on Facebook?

Remember when that site,, got all kinds of attention for alerting would-be burglars to the homes of Foursquare fans? That and other recent privacy issues (ahem, Facebook) have made users everywhere question whether their digital world is harming their real-world safety. So what do you think: Is it OK to post pictures of your house or apartment on Facebook?
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That picture up top? Yeah, that's a screengrab from my Facebook profile. After decorating my studio apartment in a little style I like to call Ikea-Chic, I was eager to put pictures online for my out-of-town friends and family to see.

But that was before all of the buzz about our (lack of) privacy on Facebook. At the time, I felt comfortable knowing that my profile was set to private, but we now know that even Facebook's most strict privacy settings aren't as secure as they should be.

I've since moved out of that apartment. My new place has yet to be photographed for Facebook (save for perhaps providing the background of a group photo). For me, the benefits (sharing photos with all of my friends at once) outweigh the risk. From now on, I'm sharing pictures of my home through email only.

What about you, readers? Is it OK to post pictures of your house or apartment on Facebook? What about other networking sites like Flickr? Tell us in the comments!

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