Vouch for the Henry Twin Sleeper (or Similar)?

Vouch for the Henry Twin Sleeper (or Similar)?

Regina Yunghans
Aug 29, 2011

Q:I need a tiny, comfy sleeper sofa to fit into my office/guest room - it can't be any bigger than 64" wide. I really like the Henry Twin Sleeper at West Elm and it just went on sale (!). The problem is that they don't keep the sleeper in stock in the stores, so I'll have to purchase it without first being able to test it out for comfort level. Can anyone tell me whether its comfortable, both to sit on and sleep on?

Alternatively, can anyone recommend a tiny sleeper that they do know is comfortable (and attractive)? Bonus points if it doesn't cost much more than the Henry - around $1,000 including shipping. Thanks everyone!!!

Sent by Margaret

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