Vintage Globe Decor: Trend or Timeless?

If you're starting to tire of vintage globe collections used to decorate homes, raise your hand. (Confession: my hand is slightly raised.)

We've seen this trend play itself out over the last couple of years, and yet it continues to pop up in current decor. When it first came on the scene, it felt fresh and original; at one point you weren't officially a hipster unless you had some kind of globe in your apartment.

Is this just a fad? Will we look back in twenty years and wonder if there was a secret obsession with geography within the design world!? Or, do you like this educational ephemera trend and think it should stick around? Do you have globe collections that you've continued to add to?

Ready, set, comment.

(Images: 1. Stylist Home 2. Heart Fire at Home 3. A Glimpse of Glamour 4. More Ways to Waste Time 5. Meridian Road)