Is This Ship Sculpture Worth Something?

Is This Ship Sculpture Worth Something?

Regina Yunghans
May 8, 2014
(Image credit: Tasi)

Q: I rescued this beauty from the dumpster (can you believe someone would throw it away?). I want to paint it some combination of white and silver — I'm open to learning how to do silver leaf. But as I shared my DIY plans with my family, they told me to check first to see if it's worth something, and if it is not to destroy it. So I have two questions:

(Image credit: Tasi)

1. Is this worth something?
2. If not (my secret hope, because I want to paint it so bad), what would be a good and easy paint style/combination?
PS. My DIY paint inspiration is in the style of Virginia of Live Love DIY.

Sent by Tasi

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