Is Your State on the List? Toxic Chemical Legislation in 2013

Safer States

If you're looking to keep your family safer in 2013, your state legislature may be working to make it a little easier for you. Safer States, a national group of coalitions working to reduce toxic chemicals in our country, reports that twenty-six states (shown above in orange) are considering legislation that would affect the use of chemicals like BPA and toxic flame retardants. Is your state on the list?

According to Safer States, some of the proposed policies would ban chemicals such as BPA, toxic flame retardants, toxic heavy metals, and formaldehyde from children's products. Some states may even require manufacturers to disclose toxic chemicals in certain products. Acceptance of these kinds of laws for more than half the states in our country is more than a step in the right direction—it's a giant leap!

I am disappointed, though not surprised, to see that my own state, South Carolina, is not on the list of states considering such legislation this year. And though Safer States doesn't mention how voters might have a hand in pushing this kind of legislation along, I certainly plan to contact my own state legislators.

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(Image: Safer States)

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