Isabel's Global, 1970s Inspired Apartment

House Call

Name: Isabel
Location: Mexico City, Mexico

I invite you to enter the house of a diplomat! This isn't the house of Madeleine Albright or a high-brow diplomat, but rather the house of mid-level Foreign Service Officer. Our lives are unique - every three years we move to a different country, into houses we don't choose. We normally have a weight limit and like other renters, have limits on what we can do to a home.

These are photos of our current house in Mexico City. I love the 1970s, and much of the furniture was purchased around my hometown of Tucson, Arizona (where lots of people retire and then, um, their wares are donated to Goodwill after they fly up to the sky). I've also served in Tunisia, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and Washington, DC, and traveled to nearly every continent — and have collected pieces both kitsch and beautiful along the way (such as my rogue leader/dictator paraphernalia collection or some awesome moroccan lamps).

I have two kids and a crazy busy life, but I firmly believe that design and children are not enemies.

Thanks, Isabel!

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(Image credits: Submitted by Isabel)