Here at Apartment Therapy, we try to keep our posts timely and topical, coordinating them with book releases and museum openings and such … but sometimes impatience rules the day. I realize it is only May and that summer blockbuster season won't start for a couple of months, but I am ready for a new Batman movie NOW. Haven't we waited long enough?

You guys, I love Batman. I used to watch the old crooked Adam West television show with my dad, and Batman Begins is one of my favorite films. The entire movie is a makeover montage! What could be better? Also, I think Batman has the best style of all the superheroes: basic black, sleek, incredibly high-tech but elegant. It's no surprise then that countless artists have made prints inspired by the flawed-but-lovable Caped Crusader, and that most of them are awesome. Here are the best of the Batbunch:

(All images as credited above.)