iStubz iPod Cords: Useless and Necessary at the Same Time

The easiest way to battle cord messes in your home is to eliminate them entirely. That's why we dig wireless products so much. But if you can't go wireless, why not try and eliminate as much extra cord as possible?

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Cord wraps and wranglers, whether store-bought or DIY, are great solutions for making sure you have less cord to deal with. But isn't just buying a shorter cord altogether the easiest solution?

That's why we love iStubz. When all you need to do is connect your iPhone or iPod to the MacBook sitting directly beside it on the desk, why do you need anything more than a few centimeters of cord? You don't. And that's why we've already put in our order for a comically short 7 centimeter $7.95 iStubz USB iPod cord.

If you need a tiny bit more than 7 centimeters, try the 22 centimeter variety for just a dollar more at $8.95. Available in white or black to match your iPod or your machine.

Via OhGizmo!

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