Itch Cat Scratch Pad by Square Cat Habitat

Itch Cat Scratch Pad by Square Cat Habitat

Gregory Han
Sep 3, 2008
Your cat have an itch it needs to scratch? We think Square Cat Habitat has an aesthetically pleasing solution for preventing your feline from slicing and dicing the home furnishings to shreds...

The Itch scratching boards can be used vertically or horizontally, and are made from 100% renewable bamboo, with removable carpet inserts (think FLOR carpet tiles) available in a variety of colours that will nicely compliment almost any home decor.

They look like graphic art pieces when not in use and take up a lot less room than a traditional scratching post...great for small space dwellers looking to keep their furniture intact.

(Re-Edited from 2007.6.11 - CB)

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